About Us

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd is a family owned  manufacturing business company with Morden techniques and machinery for producing roofing sheets and concrete blocks (pavers and bricks) .The owners of the company are very active in daily operations with principals being involved at every level from management to supervision.

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd maintains highly skilled workforce. Its workforce capacity allows it to be responsive to the needs of customers on product size, type and nature. Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd pride itself as a reputation for quality, affordable   and durable products.

Our Vision

Our vison is to deliver and produce world class and highly engineered products by giving extraordinary results to construction industry. To generate profitable infrastructure and economic for the company, community and employees.

What's Our Mission?

As the leading producer of roofing sheets, cement bricks, blocks and pavers in Zimbabwe. Our goal is to create   sustainable values with Zimbabwean natural resources so as to:

  • To provide quality, affordable, and safe products for our customers.
  • To create employment for the society.
  • To expand investment opportunities for our shareholders.

As a responsible company in the society, we act in accordance with economic, social and political principles of Zimbabwe in order to remain successful in the future and expand Zimbabwe economy.

Core values of our company

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd is manufacturing business company built on the principles of honesty, integrity, innovation, community   and hard work. These core values drive our basic culture of success.

About our People

We are a company that prides itself on its family culture and we seek out high caliber people. We are a company that has at its core values, a team philosophy that is clearly apparent each and every day, there is real sense of being there for one another.

We believe in nurturing the skills of our team   members and providing growing levels of responsibility.

What we do

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd has been main manufacturer of trapezoidal, glazed and corrugated roofing sheets since 2020. Apart from roofing sheets cement bricks, customized cement blocks and pavers are also manufactured using automated machines. We have been providing quality, affordable and durable products for more than two years.

Hollow Concrete Blocks
solid standard Bricks
Pavers all shapes

Cement Products

The production of all types of cement brick and pavers. Our pavers may be used for many parts especially outdoors. The most common uses include drive ways, fire pits, walkways, pool deck and patios.

Roofing Sheets

All roofing sheets are made of galvanized steel which is exceptionally durable. They come in various colors, thickness and width. Length is customized according to clients' requirements.
Corrugated Sheets
Glazed Sheets
Trapezoidal Sheets
Arch Curved sheets