Cement products

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd

Ashbrook Hardware (Pvt) Ltd is a registered Zimbabwean company and incorporated in the Companies & other Business Entities Act: Chapter 24:31. Bricks &Pavers (Pvt) Ltd is a manufacturing company that delivers high quality, reliable building material for governments establishments. In addition, we have broad expertise with commercial clients. We are fully registered company in the production of building material. Our company has over two years collective experience offering highest standards of products, quality and integrity. Dedicated to excellence, we utilize natural resource to produce   quality products of building construction to meet world standards.

Cement Products

We produce all types of cement brick and pavers. Our pavers may be used for many parts especially outdoors. The most common uses include driveways, fire pits, walkways, pool deck and patios.

Brick pavers are made from moulded from quarry dust and sand that is moulded and baked into mortar. These bricks pavers are durable and can be laid in various patterns, designs and colour combinations. They are abundant in texture; colour and they are alternatives to concrete.

These brick pavers come in a range of colours and shapes, and they can be laid in a variety of partners to realize distinct visual effects.Our brick pavers are made from natural material which can be cleaned and reused meaning our brick pavers are eco-friendly alternatives.

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